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What is LipSense? LipSense is a long lasting, color stay lip color. It’s not to be confused with a stain. It has an SD40 alcohol base (above grade cosmetical alcohol NOT to be confused with isopropyl alcohol!) and patented technology that causes it to molecularly bond to your lips. One tube of LipSense has the same amount of product as 4 tubes of lipstick!

So, how long does it last?!

With everyday use, 1 tube of LipSense will last 6 month!
The shelf life on a tube of LipSense is 2 years if opened and 3 years unopened.

LipSense Shades and LipSense gloss go hand-in-hand and work together! Other glosses and chapstick will break down your color, you MUST get a gloss with your shade! Glosses can also be worn alone, in fact, they recommend wearing the gloss whenever you’re not wearing the shades! It helps nourish your lips and extends the wear of your shade once it’s applied! Just be sure to clean your lips prior to applying the shade.


html body { background-color: #00000; }