Now is the time!

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This company and product have made my simple life amazing! We’ve been able to afford so many extras that we would not be able to on my SALES alone. Then each month I get a commission too?!! Holy wow! What can I buy with all that?!
Groceries ✅
Bills paid ✅
Extra fun things for my family ✅
The freedom to work from home ✅
More time with my kids✅

In the 2 and half months I’ve been doing this I’ve already made back 10xs what I’ve put back. Now I’m not gonna guarantee you make that much from the start but it’s all about heart ❤❤ and what you put into it! If you dream big, play big! You can do it anyone can. And this amazing company gives you the tools you need and with me along your side you will have a great start and someone always behind you helping you each step of the way! This is one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

55.00 can change your life! It did mine.

Want to chat more?! Email me

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Lipsense! Now is the time to join!

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The $55 it costs me to join has had an invaluable return to my family! Amazing what this business can do for people (men and women) like me ❤️

‼️‼️ DID YOU KNOW?? ‼️‼️

Here are just a few of my favorite facts about SeneGence:

📍Highly-concentrated formulas with no fillers mean a little product goes a long way (like the 3-in-1 Cleanser – $30 and will last you at least 5-6 months!).

📍Our proprietary formulas are backed by our 100% happiness guarantee and are scientifically proven to improve the function of your skin in eight weeks or less.

📍SeneGence all-day cosmetics and anti-aging skincare products are made from plant-based, natural ingredients and the best cosmetic technology on the market.

📍SeneGence puts their money into research, not marketing or celebrity endorsements. But there are PLENTY of celebrities who love our products – and say so – for free! Christina Aguilera’s trademark red lips? That’s LipSense – our premier long-lasting liquid lip color! Jennifer Aniston, ugh, hello!

📍All products are made in the USA in cGMP-compliant, bacteria-free manufacturing facilities with absolutely NO animal testing.

📍Our products are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, great for sensitive skin and have no lead, wax, animal by-products or wasteful external packaging.

📍Unlike a lot of other cosmetic companies depleting rainforests to make their products, SeneGence only uses naturally-recurring ingredients (like the blue-green algae, orchid extract and volcanic ash found on Vanuatu – and we’re the ONLY company that has access to these amazing ingredients).

📍Our plant-based ingredients give you a natural sun-protection factor without the use of chemicals!

Interested in more?! Join my VIP group and message me!

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LipGlossLove by Alicia

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What is LipSense? LipSense is a long lasting, color stay lip color. It’s not to be confused with a stain. It has an SD40 alcohol base (above grade cosmetical alcohol NOT to be confused with isopropyl alcohol!) and patented technology that causes it to molecularly bond to your lips. One tube of LipSense has the same amount of product as 4 tubes of lipstick!

So, how long does it last?!

With everyday use, 1 tube of LipSense will last 6 month!
The shelf life on a tube of LipSense is 2 years if opened and 3 years unopened.

LipSense Shades and LipSense gloss go hand-in-hand and work together! Other glosses and chapstick will break down your color, you MUST get a gloss with your shade! Glosses can also be worn alone, in fact, they recommend wearing the gloss whenever you’re not wearing the shades! It helps nourish your lips and extends the wear of your shade once it’s applied! Just be sure to clean your lips prior to applying the shade.


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Neonlights is taking new sellers! (Existing seller relationships open to new promotions as well). If you are interested in running a new promotion or add on to your existing please send us an email.

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Reviewers- We are currently accepting reviewers, and are having a referral contest for reviewers currently in the group. For more information check out the photos tab on the group page. We will only be accepting members up until the 12th! Then Requests to join the group will be invitation only open every few months.


Sellers- We have a few available spots left this month to run new promotions, so if you are not currently working with us, or if you have in the past and are ready to run a new promotion email us at

Don’t forget to checkout our giveaway on the giveaways tab!

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Neonlights Review Club Information

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Neonlights Reviews is a group of 23k People! We run promotions for sellers, on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy AND Walmart! (Personal websites can be done as well).

Basically we promote your products through promotions or sales, and people review through those websites or other social media outlets! There are a lot of ways to bring traffic to your listings, get you reviews and sales!

Neonlights is run by myself-Alicia Schriefer (Davidson) and Anthony Schriefer.

To learn more information or run your promotion with us please contact me via email at

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