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Now first off, don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my children more than life itself. They are my reason for being but man there are moments where I just want to scream. We are that 4 and 1 stage. The 4-year-old always yelling, complaining, and this ATTITUDE, lord have mercy where did this attitude come from?!? Oh Yeah that’s right ME. She’s ME, I look at her and say to myself “Was I this GAWD awful to my own parents?!”

Then the baby, learning to do everything on her own, running around and getting into EVERYTHING. If there was a piece of dirt or trash on my floor that the vacuum cleaner missed, man she can find it within SECONDS of being set down. She’s like this baby vacuum with spider powers or something!

Now honestly, at the end of the day I would not trade any of it (okay maybe I would love a few more minutes of peeing with out someone standing outside the door asking mommy are you done yet). But these girls are my absolute universe. I love them to the earth and moon, and stars. Having a child is the most important thing in life to me. I love being a mother first. It completes me.


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