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Reviewers- We are currently accepting reviewers, and are having a referral contest for reviewers currently in the group. For more information check out the photos tab on the group page. We will only be accepting members up until the 12th! Then Requests to join the group will be invitation only open every few months.


Sellers- We have a few available spots left this month to run new promotions, so if you are not currently working with us, or if you have in the past and are ready to run a new promotion email us at

Don’t forget to checkout our giveaway on the giveaways tab!

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Don’t miss out on our giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win a 50.00 Amazon gift card!

Want more information on neonlights reviews? Check out the about us page or the reviews page for more information or to contact us and get your promotions going!

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